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Homemade Designer Friendship Day Bracelet!!

Friendship Day Bracelet
As the friendship day is approaching, you must be excited to get a beautiful friendship bracelet your best friend. How about making a homemade friendship bracelet for your special friend! She/he would definitely appreciate the fact that you made an effort and spent some time for making a lovely bracelet. This article will teach you how to make friendship bracelet at home. You can make heart and golden friendship bracelet by using some decorative items.

Heart Friendship Bracelet

Material Required

friendship day bands
  • Two different colors of embroidery floss
  • Scissors
  • tape or clipboard
  • 2-Heart shaped plastic decorative pieces

How to start:

friendship day bands
  • Begin with by cutting 4 strands of each color of embroidery floss around 25 inches each, for 8 strands.
  • Alternate the thread different colors before tying them together into a knot. Leave at least 3-4 inches of slack. Insert one heart shaped decorative piece.
  • Secure the knot by taping on the flat working surface or clip onto a clipboard.
  • Take the threads into 2 sets, 2 of same color on same side.
  • Start braiding the strands in an alternating pattern i.e. mirror-image pattern with the outside threads matching and so on going inwards.
  • Continue till you reach the end of the thread
  • Insert another heart and secure the bracelet by tying a knot.
friendship day bands

Your heart friendship band is ready.

Golden Friendship Bracelet

Material Required

friendship day bands
  • A golden string of about length 10 inches.
  • Golden beads
  • Pearls beads or silver beads
  • needle

How to start:

friendship day bands
  • Take the golden coloured string preferably with elasticity. Fold it to make a double stranded string. Tie a knot at one end of the string.
  • With help of needle, insert golden colour beads. Alternatively insert pearl or silver colour bead if you wish.
  • Continue till the end and secure the staring and tying a knot.
friendship day bands

Your golden Bracelet is ready.

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