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History of Friendship day and its Significance!!

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Posted on : 27th July, 2017

Friendship is such a significant emotion that does not have to be built or nurtured just for having been born with it. We make this on our own will, we choose our own companion of friendship and that's the beauty of the relationship. Friendship day 2017 is going to be celebrated on 7th of August and on this day the heart of every friend will get filed with ecstasy.

Every Year friendship day is celebrated to strengthen the relationship that two people share and enjoy. On this every other friend tie the bond of friendship on their friend's hands. "Friend" is a generic term and it can be there in any relationship. It is also many a times used to signify the beauty of the bond shared between two people.

It is the first Sunday of August when every person gets submerged in the love of their friends around the globe. Even if those who are located away from each other wish each other with heart-warming friendship day messages and friendship day wishes. Ones more the day has arrived at our door step and those who have been waiting for the day must have been feeling too enthusiastic about it. It's very important to understand, how this great day came into being and then we could be able to take most of the day.

History about friendship Day!!

It is 1935 when the tradition of friendship day came into being when the US congress decided that should be a day dedicated to celebrate this beautiful bond. Though, it is not exactly known that what were the reasons that led to forming this day but there are certain scenarios of the day are there that lead us to believe understand the reason. It is said that after First World War, the condition was deteriorating day by day and there wasn't any trace of peace. That led the Government to feel the need for more and more camaraderie and friendship among the nations and also the individuals.

This led the US Congress to come up with a day dedicated to celebrating the great bond of friendship. It designated every first Sunday of August as Friendship day and that way it urged people to develop the essence of friendship rather than envy. And, from that day, National Friendship day was regarded as an annual event.

Over the years, this lofty celebration has become a most loved event of the young people and they celebrate it with great enthusiasm. And, gradually it has become a very popular festival around the World.

The success of devising this day cannot be dedicated to the US alone rather with the passage of time various other countries also have started following the traditions of friendship day. This beautiful day was overwhelmingly welcomed by several other nations and they started celebrating friendship day. As many nations started celebrating this day, soon it became a global day.

Today, almost every country celebrates this day with gusto and enthusiasm. The day is celebrated on first Sunday of August every Year. The tradition of the celebration of friendship day includes meeting friends, exchanging gifts and tying friendship band on each other's wrists. Various cultural and social organizations also celebrate this beautiful day by hosting various programs. In countries like US, also special performances like rock bands are organized.

Much before the festival arrives people start with buying cards and gifts for their friends as the gifting companies start luring people. The key celebrators of the festival are the youngsters and the company targets this section of the society the most. Also, various restaurants provide with discounts so as to make the time great for all the friends around. Friends give to each other rose on this day specially the yellow and the pink ones. Also friends throw on gigantic parties and eat delicious dishes.

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