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Celebrate Friendship Day 2017 with Homemade Fancy Friendship Band!!

Homemade Fancy Friendship Band

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship on the earth. It is said that a true friend is hard to find. A true friend comes in our life with whom we can share our joy, pain, excitement and sorrows. To express and cherish this beautiful bond of friendship, we like to exchange friendship band with our close pals. Thus friendship band signifies eternal bond of companionship & a lifetime commitment. Every year friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August month. This day is a huge craze among the youngsters. Nowadays tying friendship band has become a trend and a fashion accessory as well.

Friendship band significance

Friendship bands are made up of colourful & decorative material like satin ribbons and embroidery floss or multi-coloured thread. They usually come with half-hitch knot. They are quite popular among male teenagers as well in young adults. Older generations are also fond of them as a keepsake.

Homemade Friendship bands

So you must be wondering how to make Friendship band at home! With a handful of decorative pieces, you can also make friendship band for your friend at home. These bands are so easy to make, just follow the instructions below.

friendship day bands
  • Colourful wools
  • Different colours of beads
  • Golden/silver beads
  • Heart or star shaped tiny decorated pieces

Simple knot friendship bands
This kind of band is so simple to make that it require less than 5min.

friendship day bands
  • Take 2-3 wools of different colour about 30-35 cm in length and a bead. Start by tying a knot together at one end about 2cm from the corner.
  • Then add a bead of your choice. Insert the desired bead to all the threads and bring it near the knot.
  • Tie another knot leaving a gap of around 1 or 2cm.
  • Add another kind of bead and secure another knot.
  • Continue this step until you reach the end of the thread.

Your simple knot friend band is ready to tie.

You can also make the band with a same coloured thread. The knot can be tied a little away from the middle of the thread and add colourful beads. Tie another knot followed by the next beads so that beads don’t fall away.

Woolen plait friendship band

These are another design of friendship band. You need wool of your favorite colour, beads and a creative mind. Here's how to start:

friendship day bands
  • Depending upon the wrist of your friend, cut the woolen thread (about 30-35 cm) of three colors.
  • Put a knot at one end.
  • Start making the three legs plait using 2 wools for each leg having same color.
  • You can also use a paper clip in case finding it difficult of hold while making plait.
  • After reaching the half way. Insert a bead from a one strand so that the beads will be in the right place and continue till the end.
  • Secure a knot at the end of the strands.

Woolen plait friendship band is ready to tie.

friendship day bands
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